How To Navigate Shallow Waters in Springdale, AR

Boating in shallow water can be dangerous, especially if the water depth quickly changes. Honda Marine wants to help you be prepared for navigating shallow waters.  

Know Your Boat’s Draft

The draft measures how much a boat is under water, starting from the lowest part of the boat. A boat can ride higher or lower in the water depending on how much weight is carried on a boat. The draft information is usually found in the owner’s manual.

Check the Tides

Always check the tide schedule so you don’t get stranded in a sandbar or shallow waters, until the tide comes back. 

Use A Depth Finder

Use a depth finder to find the bottom surface of the water. By knowing the bottom depth, you’ll know where the dangerously shallow water is, so you don’t ground your boat. Also have charts on your boat, in case you need them. 

Monitor the Color of the Water  

Monitor the water for major changes in the color. Brown water usually means shallow water over reef or rocks. Shallow water on some islands, like the Bahamas, has light turquoise water. 

Keep It Slow

If you think you’re approaching shallow waters, run slowly and stay off plane. 

Contact Heartland Honda, 824 S 48th St Springdale, AR 72762-4877, (479) 751-7022 for Honda Marine Jet Outboards, accessories and servicing.



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Tips For Planting A Flower Bed in Springdale, AR

A colorful flower bed can boost the curb appeal of a home. It can also transform a backyard into a beautiful outdoor living space. These are some tips to help you plant a beautiful flower bed. 


Choose the Flower Seeds

Choose the seeds for your flower bed. These annual flowers are among the easiest to grow from seeds: Poppies, Impatiens, Pansies, Sweet Peas, Geraniums, Marigolds, Sunflowers, Zinnias and Four O’Clocks.

Choose the Flower Bed Location

Measure the area for the flower bed. Choose a partially shaded area. Remove rocks, branches and debris in the area.

Read the Owner’s Manual for Your Honda Tiller

Read the safety and operating instructions for the Owner’s Manual for Your Honda Tiller. You should also wear boots or work shoes and protective eyewear when operating the tiller. 

Cultivate Healthy Soil With A Tiller

Soil preparation is an important factor in having a healthy flower bed. If you create healthy soil, the flowers that grow in that soil will also be healthy. Prepare the soil for the seeds by tilling the soil down to 8 inches. Before tilling the soil, it must be dry enough and warm enough. Test the soil by picking up a handful of soil and squeezing it. If the ball of soil falls apart in your hands, then it is dry enough for tilling. Conduct a second test by sticking your finger a few inches down, in the soil. If you are unable to keep your finger in the soil for one minute, than the soil is not warm enough. The soil needs to be at least 60° F for tilling and planting. Go across the soil one row at a time, with the tiller, like you were mowing the lawn. Take your time tilling the soil. Do not go back over a row with the tiller because excessive tilling can compact the soil instead of breaking it up. Use a mix of organic compost and organic soil.   

Plant the Seeds and Water the Flower Bed

Check the seed packets for instructions on how deep and how far apart to plant the seeds. Use a yardstick for precise measuring. Give the flower bed cohesion by echoing colors from the front to the back of the flower bed. Saturate each seed when you plant the seeds. This will increase the amount of water your flowers will retain while making it less likely that mold or mildew will form. It is best to water the flower bed early in the morning.

Honda wants to help you get the best results from your Honda Tiller. Check out the Honda Owner’s Manual before operating the Tiller for the first time. The Honda Owner’s Manual includes safety instructions, a check list before operating the tiller, maintenance schedule, parts, storage tips and warranty information. 

Heartland Honda, 824 S 48th St Springdale, AR 72762-4877, (479) 751-7022 is here to answer your questions about a Tiller, servicing and maintenance.

Review for FG110 Honda Tiller

“My first Honda FG110 Tiller was purchased in 2000 and I was completely satisfied with the work you can do in flower beds and small veggie gardens. So I decided to purchase another one after the old one (18 years old) gave way.”

Mack, Texas

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Boating Gifts For Dad

The right boating accessories and equipment can go a long way towards making your time on the water, more enjoyable. We’ve created a list of boating gifts for dads because a great day on the water begins with Honda.

Honda Marine iST® Premium Top Mount Control

The iST® Premium Top Mount Control is available in single and multiple engine applications. These control heads feature master trim control on the throttle handle and individual controls on the head unit for dual engines. They also offer slow mode for increased throttle control while maneuvering at slow speeds and trolling mode for incremental RPM adjustments at any speed.


Honda Marine Propeller

Choosing the right propeller is one of the easiest methods to optimize a boat’s performance. Honda’s Propeller Selector Tool recommends a propeller based on your boat hull type and boating style. The best method to find the right propeller for your boat is to try it out before buying with an on the water test. Heartland Honda, 824 S 48th St Springdale, AR 72762-4877, (479) 751-7022 is ready to provide the highest level of service and expertise to assist you with your propeller needs.

Honda Marine Gauge

Honda Marine has a variety of gauges that display engine RPM, coolant temperature, fuel level, vessel speed and much more. The NMEA 2000® HD-4 Multi-function Color Display Gauge automatically detects and displays the most relevant information available on a series of pre-set and user-customizable data pages.

Honda Marine Sunbrella Outboard Cover

The Honda Marine outboard covers are available in a custom designed fit for each outboard model. The Honda Marine engine covers are made of marine blue Sunbrella fabric, to protect the outboard from moisture and UV exposure.


Gift Card

If you’re not sure which boating gift to buy for your boating enthusiast, give your dad a gift card from Heartland Honda, 824 S 48th St Springdale, AR 72762-4877, (479) 751-7022.

For more gift ideas for the boating enthusiast, contact Heartland Honda, 824 S 48th St Springdale, AR 72762-4877, (479) 751-7022.

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Top 12 Most Important Boating Safety Tips in Springdale, AR

May has a lot of fun holidays: Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. A favorite holiday is Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day (May 15) because it promotes the importance wearing a life jacket when you’re on the water. Keep your friends and family safe by following these boating safety tips.  

Before You Go Boating        

Schedule Maintenance For Your Honda Outboard

Our dealers and staff go through training and receive updates to tune-up their knowledge of the entire Honda outboard line. Honda Marine authorized dealers are ready to provide you with the highest level of service. Contact Heartland Honda to schedule maintenance for your Honda outboard.

View Boating Safety Videos

Did you know that most boaters involved in accidents have never taken a boating safety course? The National Safe Boating Council provides online boating safety videos that teach basic navigation rules of boating. The Boat U.S. Foundation offers a free online boating safety course, including a free online boating safety course for each state.

Wear A Life Jacket

All boats must have a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket for every passenger on a boat, by law. Some states require children to wear a life jacket at all times. Try on the life jacket before buying it. Make sure it is the right fit for your height and weight and that it has a snug fit. Auto and manual inflatable life jackets require maintenance. Clip a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) onto each life jacket. Make sure that there are life jackets for all dogs who are on your boat. Rough water, bad weather or fatigue can potentially be dangerous for dogs, when they are swimming.


Fire Extinguishers

U.S. Coast Guard approved, marine-type fire extinguishers are required on boats where a fire hazard could be expected from the engines or fuel system. Check your fire extinguishers at least once a year to ensure they are properly charged, stored and undamaged. Make sure that everyone on your boat knows where it is and how to use it.

Pack Emergency Supplies

Pack emergency supplies on your boat and make sure that everyone on your boat knows where they are located: flashlight with extra batteries, first aid kit, VHF radio with a hail or public address function, a waterproof whistle and mirror that can be used to call for help and ropes. Ropes can be used to pull someone who has fallen overboard or for securing your boat to a dock.

Carbon Monoxide Monitors 

Carbon monoxide poisoning could unexpectedly knock anyone on the boat, unconscious. Make sure there’s a carbon monoxide monitor in every confined space on your boat. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless poisonous gas which is emitted by all combustion engines and onboard motor generators.

Check the weather forecast

Check the weather forecast for storms, lightning and high winds. The marine forecast includes wind direction and speed, wave height, precipitation predictions and storm warnings. The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) provides marine weather forecasts through the National Weather Service. 

Download U.S. Coast Guard Boating Safety Mobile App

The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) has a Boating Safety Mobile App with information that is most frequently requested by boaters. Features of the app include: state boating information, file a float plan, free boating safety check requests, navigation rules, the latest weather reports from the closest National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather buoys, request emergency assistance and much more.

File A Float Plan

It’s very important to file a float plan with a friend or relative, for every boating excursion. The Float Plan should have detailed information regarding the location of where you’re boating and the time you are planning to return.

Protect Against Propeller Strikes

Make sure all passengers are accounted for before starting the engine. Wear your emergency cut-off switch at all times. When passengers are in the water, ask one person to propeller watch. 

While You Are Boating

Don’t Boat Under the Influence

Alcohol affects judgment, vision, balance and coordination. The U.S. Coast Guard data shows that in boating deaths involving alcohol use, over half of the victims capsized their boats and/or fell overboard. It is illegal to operate a boat while under the influence (BUI) of alcohol or drugs in every state. This law pertains to all boats, from canoes and rowboats to the largest ships. Consider these alternatives to using alcohol while boating: take bottled water, sodas, iced tea or lemonade in a cooler and plenty of food and snacks.  

Follow Navigation Rules

The Navigation Rules for vessels establish actions for boaters to take, to avoid a collision. The Navigation Rules are available in any boating supply store. It is mandatory that a copy of the Navigation Rules be kept aboard all vessels over 39.4 feet (12 meters) in length. Use the USCG Boating Safety Mobile app while you are boating.

Enjoy the boating lifestyle and remember that a safe boating experience is the best boating experience.

Refer to the Honda owner’s manual for additional maintenance information. Contact Heartland Honda, 824 S 48th St Springdale, AR 72762-4877, (479) 751-7022 for servicing and Honda Marine Accessories.

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How To Prepare A Snow Blower For Off Season Storage

With spring in full swing, it’s time to prepare your snow blower for off season storage. Follow these maintenance steps for preparing and storing your snow blower, to ensure your snow blower is ready for the first snow fall next winter.

Remember to refer to your Honda Snow Blower Owner’s Manual for maintenance information for your specific model or contact Heartland Honda.

To prepare to store a snow blower or snow thrower for over 90 days or off season, drain all of the fuel from the fuel tank and carburetor. After the fuel is drained and the engine is cooled off, remove the spark plug and pour one teaspoon of clean engine oil into the cylinder. This prevents rust from forming inside the engine. Reinstall the spark plug and pull the starter rope several times to distribute the oil in the cylinder. Then pull the starter rope slowly until you feel resistance. This closes the valve and prevents moisture from entering the cylinder. Fold the handle bar by loosening the handle bar nuts and fold the handle bar over the top of the snow thrower. 

For more details on draining the fuel, visit the Honda HS720 Snow Thrower Maintenance and Storage Video or Two Stage Snow Blower Maintenance and Storage video.

If you prefer to have your snow blower serviced for off season storage, contact Heartland Honda for service. Heartland Honda offers great rates and can handle all your snow blower maintenance needs.

We also recommend outfitting your snow blower with a cover to keep it clean and dust-free. Honda has covers that are custom fitted for specific snow blower models, that are great for storing the snow blower during off season. Heartland Honda can help you find the right one for your snow blower.

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Benefits of Using Genuine Honda Parts

Your Honda Power Equipment will work at peak performance using genuine Honda parts for snow blowers, snow throwers, generators, lawn mowers, tillers, trimmers and pumps.


Built For Honda 

Genuine Honda parts are designed by Honda for each Honda Power Equipment model. Only genuine Honda parts can maintain the original operating specifications of your Honda and offer a perfect fit and finish every time. When the time comes for you to service, repair or enhance your Honda, don’t settle for an imitation.

Honda’s Best Quality

Genuine Honda parts are manufactured to strict quality standards for an exact fit and precise operation. When you choose Genuine Honda parts, you can count on the highest quality standards imposed by Honda engineers. After-market parts cannot guarantee the same levels of precision or quality. Even the smallest gaps can make a big difference.


Only Genuine Honda parts are supported by Honda nationwide. Each part works in conjunction with other parts to produce top performance. Many non-genuine parts may claim to be reliable, but they are not produced to meet Honda’s engineering and material specifications. Compromise one part and you may unknowingly compromise a whole system.

Don’t Compromise Performance

By choosing Genuine Honda parts, you won’t compromise your unit’s performance and safety. Each Genuine Honda part is precisely designed and rigorously tested by Honda. This process helps ensure that each part will function at its optimum performance level while providing the durability and reliability that you expect from Honda.

Heartland Honda Service Department

The service department has expert Honda Technicians who are trained to do maintenance, storage prep and repairs. Honda also has a wide selection of Genuine Honda parts and accessories. Please contact Heartland Honda with any questions about Genuine Honda parts or to schedule a service appointment.

Heartland Honda, 824 S 48th St Springdale, AR 72762-4877, (479) 751-7022 is here to answer your questions about the Genuine Honda parts for Honda generators, snow blowers, snow throwers, lawn mowers, tillers, trimmers and pumps.

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Benefits of Reading a Honda Owner’s Manual

Do you remember how exciting it was to buy your new Honda Marine outboard or Honda Power Equipment? Have you read the Honda’s Owner’s Manual? The Honda Owner's Manual was written for your benefit, so you can get the best results from your Honda.

Online Registration

If you have registered your new Honda, great job! If you still need to register your Honda Marine outboard or Honda Power Equipment, click HERE to register. Some of the newer Honda Owner's Manuals have a QR code that can be scanned to register your Honda.


The safety information is in several forms: 

- Instructions

- Safety messages

- Damage prevention messages

The safety information is extremely important because you will or can be killed or seriously hurt if you don't follow the instructions. 


The operating procedures provide important information and tips on how to get the most out of your Honda equipment.

Maintenance Schedule

When your Honda product needs scheduled maintenance, remember that Honda Marine and Honda Power Equipment servicing dealership personnel are specially trained in servicing Honda Marine outboards and Honda Power Equipment.

Serial Number

Check the Honda Owner's Manual for the serial number location on your Honda equipment. Then write the serial number and the purchase date, in the Honda Owner's Manual. This will save time when referencing the serial number for future maintenance or warranty.

Warranty Policy

Read the Honda warranty information to fully understand what is covered by the warranty and your responsibilities of ownership.

For questions about your Honda or the Honda Owner’s Manual, contact Heartland Honda, 824 S 48th St Springdale, AR 72762-4877, (479) 751-7022.

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Six Snow Blowing Tips To Improve Efficency

When a heavy snowfall is in the forecast, follow these snow blowing tips to improve efficiency. 

Prepare Your Sidewalk and Driveway Before Snowfall

Preparing your sidewalk and driveway before snowfall will save time and prevent injuries. Place markers around your sidewalk and driveway, so you’ll know where they are located. Make sure the hose, bicycles and toys are placed in the garage. Remove rocks and extension cords that could be in the way of the snow blower.   

Get New Gas For Your Snow Blower

Always use new fuel for your snow blower. Gas that is over 90 days old will deteriorate and cause a snow blower to have starting or running problems. Do not use gas containing more than 10% ethanol in your Honda snow blower.

Add Fuel Stabilizer To the Gas

Add Honda Fuel Stabilizer to the new gas in the snow blower fuel tank when filling up. After adding Honda Fuel Stabilizer to the gas for the first time, run the snow blower engine outdoors for ten minutes.

Use Snow Blower in Smaller Widths When Clearing Deep Snow

If you are clearing hard or deep snow, clear a narrower swath. Walk your Honda snow blower in overlapping rows. This is much easier on the snow blower’s engine. It also helps significantly to avoid clogs in the snow blower chute.

Refuel With Care

Gas is highly flammable and explosive. If your snow blower runs out of gas while in use, turn the snow blower engine off and let it cool for at least fifteen minutes before refueling. Refuel outdoors in a well ventilated area with the snow blower engine off. Refer to the Honda Owner’s Manual for all safety and operating instructions. 

Blow Snow At Six Inches

If the forecast is predicting a heavy snowfall, start blowing the snow at six inches. It is easier on the snow blower and it decreases the height of the snow bank. It’s much easier to blow six inches of snow twice than twelve inches of snow once.

Heartland Honda, 824 S 48th St Springdale, AR 72762-4877, (479) 751-7022 is here to answer your questions about snow blowers, servicing and the one year extended warranty on select Honda snow blowers and generators. Receive a one year extended warranty on Honda’s most popular generators and snow blowers, purchased between November 25, 2019 and January 31, 2020. 

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Winter Boating Tips

Boating in the winter can be fun and exhilarating. Colder weather requires some additional preparation prior to the boating excursion. We’ve created a list of tips for safe boating in the winter.


Schedule Maintenance

Check your Honda Owner’s Manual for maintenance and safety information. Contact Heartland Honda with questions or to schedule a service appointment.

Bring Extra Clothing, Blankets and Towels

Be prepared for the shock of sudden immersion and incapacitating effects of cold water. Make sure that each person brings an extra change of clothing. Store the clothing, blankets and towels in a waterproof container. 

File A Float Plan

File a float plan with the U.S. Coast Guard via the USCG Boating Safety mobile app. Share the float plan with a reliable relative or friend. Make sure that he/she knows who to call if you do not return home by a specific time. 


Emergency Communication Devices

Carry emergency communication devices (VHF radio, cell phone) and signaling devices (emergency locator beacon, GPS and visual distress signals) on the operator of the boat. 

Dress Properly

Wear layers of clothing, gloves and a hat. A dry suit or a wetsuit are also popular choices for boating in the winter.

Wear A Life Jacket

Make sure that there is a life jacket for each person on the boat. Every person, including the operator of the boat, should wear a life jacket, at all times.

Re-Boarding Device

Make sure the boat has a re-boarding device (ladder or foot sling) that can be used by a person overboard.

Engine Cut-Off Device

Solo operators should always attach an engine cut-off device.

Double Check Weather

Double check the weather conditions and forecast prior to the boating excursion. 


For questions about preparing your boat for winter boating, contact Heartland Honda, 824 S 48th St Springdale, AR 72762-4877, (479) 751-7022.


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How To Make Your Boat Faster

There’s nothing like the feeling of boating and pushing the throttle forward, as your boat cuts through the water. Heartland Honda wants to share some tips to optimize the amount of power on your boat to make your boat faster.                         

Upgrade the Propeller

One of the easiest ways to increase the speed of your boat is to upgrade the propeller. Changing an aluminum propeller to a stainless steel propeller should provide an increase of 3 MPH. Honda Marine has a Propeller Selector Tool that guides you to the proper propeller for your boat hull type and boating style.                                    

Reduce Weight In Boat

Reducing the weight in your boat can increase the speed. Three ways to reduce the weight are:

• Remove unnecessary gear and supplies

• Remove extra seats that are not used

• Empty the water tank

Blueprinting For Speed

Return the hull of your original boat to the manufacturer’s original shape and design. Over time, the boat hull will begin to warp and change shape which will create some drag and limit the top speed. Blueprinting can add between 5 and 10 MPH to the boat speed.

Remove Marine Creatures From Bottom of Boat

Marine creatures and barnacles on the bottom of the boat will create drag which decreases the speed of your boat. Removing the marine creatures and barnacles from the bottom of the boat will increase the boat speed. 

If you have questions about a new Honda Marine propeller, contact Heartland Honda, 824 S 48th St Springdale, AR 72762-4877, (479) 751-7022.

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Holiday Gifts For A Boater

We’ve created a list of holiday gifts for the boating enthusiast because a great day on the water begins with Honda.

Premium Top Mount Control

Offered in single and multiple engine applications, these control heads feature master trim control on the throttle handle and individual controls on the head unit for dual engines.


Honda Marine Sunbrella Outboard Cover

The Honda Marine outboard covers are available in a custom designed fit for each outboard model. The Honda Marine engine covers are made of Sunbrella fabric, to protect the outboard from moisture and UV exposure.


Honda Marine Gauge

Honda Marine has a variety of gauges that display engine RPM, coolant temperature, fuel level, vessel speed and much more.                    

Low Water Intake Screen

Low water intake screen allows the outboard to be run at a higher position without drawing air into the cooling system through the top of the exposed screen. 


Gift Card

If you’re not sure which boating gift to buy for your boating enthusiast, give him/her a gift card from Heartland Honda, 824 S 48th St Springdale, AR 72762-4877, (479) 751-7022.

For more gift ideas for the boating enthusiast, contact Heartland Honda, 824 S 48th St Springdale, AR 72762-4877, (479) 751-7022.

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Why A Four Stroke Outboard Is Best from Heartland Honda in Springdale, AR

Boating is a great way to spend time with family and friends. Whether you prefer boating on the lake, bay or ocean, a great day on the water begins with Honda. Honda Marine is celebrating their 55th anniversary of the 4-stroke outboard this year! Why are 4-stroke outboard motors the best? 

• It saves money with a lower operating cost. Four-stroke outboards are approximately 50%

more fuel-efficient than most 2-stroke outboards. No 2-stroke oil is needed, reducing your costs even further.

• Better 4-stroke technology means longer life for the outboard. Four strokes bathe every internal component in oil for consistent lubrication. This design also helps cool engine components, which improves durability. Two-stroke engines rely on gas or air to carry a thin oil film to critical components.

• Four-stroke outboards are approximately 90% cleaner than typical 2-strokes. The 4-stroke motors do not release oil directly into the water. Bonus: Honda outboards have ultra-low emissions. 

• Four-stroke outboards are up to 50% quieter than 2-strokes. The 4-stroke outboards have less smoke and smell which provides a more pleasant operating experience. There is no 2-stroke stink to ruin your day on the water.   


Honda continually incorporates technology from our highly advanced automotive and racing heritage. Many Honda outboards also include exclusive technological features found in Honda’s most popular cars including the Honda Accord, Pilot, Odyssey, CR-V and Ridgeline.

Make your next boating excursion the best it can be, with Honda Marine. Heartland Honda, in Springdale, AR is here to answer your questions about Honda outboards and the Power of Boating Celebration. This is the perfect time to give your boat a new Honda 4-stroke outboard! 

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Honda Power Equipment in Springdale AR

Heartland Honda is proud to carry Honda Power Equipment products. Why? Because we only want to offer you products that you can trust and believe in. We want you to leave our store as a satisfied customer – and to have a positive experience both in our store and when you return home with your product. With Honda, we can be confident that you will be happy for years to come.

Honda has manufactured over 100 million power products worldwide since 1953. Over these years, they have developed power equipment like generators, lawn mowers, and snow blowers that have transformed the industry with new innovations and technology that rethinks how we use power equipment. In terms of durability, Honda doesn’t skimp. The quality of their manufacturing and parts is top notch. That’s why Honda has over 40 million satisfied power equipment customers in the United States. It’s common for us to see customers with Honda products that are 20 or 30 years old, and still working without problems.

Honda Power Equipment offers more than 70 models in six major product families, including brush power equipment.

You can purchase:

Generators: from 1,000 watts to 10,000 watts in models designed for residential, recreational, and industrial applications.

Lawn Mowers: 21-inch push-type and self-propelled models for premium residential and commercial gardening applications. Honda's full line of lawn mowers meets rigorous California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards, ensuring their availability and regulatory compliance in all 50 states.

Pumps: a wide variety of general de-watering, multi-purpose, commercial, and submersible models with discharge capacities from 37 to 433 gallons per minute.

Snow blowers: wheel drive, track drive, and lightweight models capable of moving from 1500 to 3000 lbs of snow.

Tillers: mini- mid- and rear-tine models.

Trimmers: three trimmer models in a variety of trim heads, engine sizes, and handle design choices, as well as the Honda VersAttach® system, a multi-tool system featuring 2 power heads and six attachments.

Contact Heartland Honda for your Honda Power Equipment needs. 

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Why Buy A Honda Marine Outboard From Heartland Honda

Heartland Honda is proud to offer Honda Marine outboards. Whether you need to repower your boat or you’re looking for a new boat motor package, we are here to help. Why buy from us?

·      We are Honda experts and can help you find the right outboard for your boat. What is the horsepower rating and what is going to work best for your needs? At Heartland Honda, we sell a wide range of outboard motors from 2.3 to 250 horsepower, making them ideal for boats of all sizes.  Our sales team knows exactly how to fit your boat with the right sized motor to get you going.   

·      Customer service responsiveness and knowledge. Heartland Honda is dedicated to give you the best customer support and experience.  When you walk in the door, you’ll know your satisfaction is our top priority.

·      Service Experts here for you. Our technicians have completed hours of Honda Marine training and are true experts. Whether you need basic maintenance or a more complex repair, you will get quality service at a fair price.

·      Many Parts in stock. Need parts support? Heartland Honda can help! We carry most common parts in stock, or we can get them for you quickly. And at Heartland Honda you can feel confident you’ll always be getting genuine Honda parts – not some cheap aftermarket knock off.

·       Warranty support. Heartland Honda is an authorized Honda Marine dealer, so we are able to perform warranty repairs in the unlikely event of an issue.

Heartland Honda is proud to be your local Honda Marine experts here in Springdale, AR. We hope you’ll stop in and see us soon!

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